Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring is in the air

" Spring is in the air" I choose this season as it's the beginning of a new cycle , a rebirth , when nature is at it's bountiful . Living in a farm nature is my constant source of inspiration ... 
This was my artist statement for my first quilt competition .."

2014 .. Started out in a creative note ..I took part in an international quilt competition held in # DUBAI .
 The theme being " SEASONS" I paid up the fees and had absolutely no idea on what to do .. I sketched & sketched , brain stormed with my artistic family ..but not an idea at  all ,just a waste paper basket over flowing with paper .. I started out with a four panel piece ..but time was a factor & being my first didn't want to experiment much wanted to play safe .. I then decided to choose spring ... And somehow the idea of macaws came in .i had a design I made years ago for a little boys quilt ..it had birds ...i had to change a bit cos my original design had macaws on a tree , swans / goose on a pond below and a few birds flying too .. & they were very cartoonish images ..I decided to use only the macaws and changed the faces to a more realistic one ..
    Then it was shopping time for fabrics .. To make a 37" * 45" inch quilt I bought material for bout 10 queen size quilts .. That's me and my fabric addiction ,, 
With fabric ready ..my design wall was up . This is my original scribble . Cute birds ... 

Choosing fabric took more time . With all the materials laid out.. I spent more time admiring each fabric ..well with materials decided , which is subject to change as work goes on ..
You will see most fabrics here were not used :)) ... 

Now to work - the base fabric was a blue cotton batik , the tree I used shades of brown wool ..corded to give the bark effect ,,I loved doing this bit .. The leaves were velvet .. Quilting on velvet is actually easy & the FMQ highlights are lovely .. The flowers were pink raw silk which I dyed ..yep I do silk dying too :) another trick up my sleeve I know how to dye fabric using procion dyes , sulphur dyes ( which is not used much ) , napthol dyes , etc & batik , screen printing , block printing ,,
The flowers were 3D .
Then the macaws were done in China silk , which was madness to work on , they tend to fray least when u expect it !! I highlighted the macaws with a bit if fun feathers yarn .. Which is actually rubbish .. China silk decided to be evil , Just when I finished the entire quilt ..it started to rip apart & knowing silk if I stitched in it agin it would have worsened the situation. ,that's when I saw my newly bought yarn & sewed it on after a bit to gluing up !!! Phew ..was a bit unnerving till I set it right .. 
Last I decided to use  white tulle on the entire base to give the effect of haziness , like the uplifting of winter . That was another yarn ..I needed to soften the bright blue or it was too over powering the rest of the fabrics.. 
    Quilting was super fun because once I finished the tree & birds it was FMQ all the way .. The border 
was a batik & binding in red china silk .. 
   Twice checked & packed & shipped of to Dubai .. 
Wish I could have gone there , maybe next year ,, 
A wonderful experience doing this quilt & the excitement of taking part .. 
     I knew I'm competing with pros in quilting but yep taking part in this exhibition  was a awesome & the feedback was worth all this .. 

This is my first art quilt in an competition .. To many more .. 

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