Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Of low cost airlines & the " F " word ...

Ahh and you scanned the entire post  form the F word dint ya ? .. Ok if you dint .. way to go Saint !!! 
   With the advent of low cost airlines travelling has become so much easier . Been a while since  I traversed around in busses & trains . Travel time is quicker & I'm lost less tired . so from the airport to work is easy & darn I look absolutely perfect for my meetings .. 
 Ooh now while I wait at airports I love watching  people cos though I buy an interesting read it doesn't grab   me at that moment .so I'm watching you ... 
   This is when I spot the many wannabe page 3 fashionistas .. How to spot them .. Rule number one : the sickeningly straightened hair ..for Christ sake girl your hair could've been used as pokes at the fire place or perhaps toothpicks or any bloody pointed tool ( read in a miffed british accent sounds  more fun) . The razor sharp ends looks like an expensive rat chewed it off .. And no it doesn't suit you , your natural hair was put on your head to suit your blinking face !! Not that your face is original anymore so yeah !!! 
 Oh not to forget the wannabe will use her index finger to push the hair back , which was not falling on her face ... Whatever.
Rule number two : the handbag , if the handbag is on the shoulder look past her, she is not your target ..this one will carry it on the crook of her arm .. A Michael korr's or fashionably called " MK "  , or the LV or Gucci ..a Ted Baker perhaps .. Which is the FAKE .( the F word ) . No no I'm not asking who is the fake , the girl or the bag ..both are.. Discussion here are the luxurious Goods .. 
Wait a minute she opens her FAKE " LV " to check her smart phone & update all her statuses .. She is flying from city X to city Y ..and oh my the peasants are boring darlings .. Yeah yeah the power of a fake bag can make you feel high .. 
Many shopping groups & sites stock all these bags by the dozens & ppl flock to get them at a staggering 2500- 3500  or more .. Which are made of faux leather , pleather , vinyl / rexin .. Tacky tacky !!!All for the love of a brand name ..
.I know I would love a Dior bag & 4 lakhs for it . It is steep ..but wouldn't a custom leather from one of your local brands do ..or pret leather bag at the shopping mall !not to forget handmade bags which are done oh so brilliantly ! Most are customised prefectly too ..
Ughh these wannabes .. 

   Call for boarding . Shh our fake is nearby I have too see what she is wearing .. 

Now rule number three ..
Skinny jeans from some local boutique stocking  Bangkok goods .. T- Shirt mmm local made to look global ..
Not bad finally supporting our economy .
Flight takes off ..
And we land ..oh she scrambles and stuffs her earphones & frantically calls some one to either be picked up or announce her arrival .which would be on facebook .. 
As we pick up our luggage from the conveyor belt I see she has a " LV " duffel bag ..which apparently even LV hasn't yet designed. !! 
We step out of the icy airport interiors to the balmy hot sun in your face city . Out comes the Armani , Gucci & LV shades your truly FAKE .. 
Our many fakes give me the look " ooh the village girl is flying " the Ooh here is not awww ,it's an undertone ..
I'm wearing a pretty cotton salwar courtesy my own boutique ( this is luxury ,owning a boutique & wearing your own designs , you know nothing is FAKE ) 
My handbag custom designed using high quality nappa leather , shoes by Aldo  , jewellery handcrafted diamonds by an old timer who has  been making jewellery  for my family for generations.

Till my next flight to watch the fakes & the busy .
I sit on my plush bed at the Taj ,sipping english chai ..
Ahh life when you don't need to be fake is rather interesting ..

Happy shopping 😉


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