Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Taking stock ...

This year has been rather good all years :) had its high , lows & ok moments ..but isn't that how life is ? 
I wanted to know how much I actually created this year & I made this rough collage of my art quilts , custom clothing , quilts & bags ..not bad ..I could have done better & I bet I will say that every year . But hey not bad ..I took part in two quilt competitions , learnt heck of a lot .. 
As for my lovely & chic pattikadu Boutique it's been a good year too . 
   I don't have resolutions but a list of things I would like to accomplish , complete , learn , explore in terms of my textile art , boutique &  as a person .. 
I also have a list of stuff which is incomplete which hopefully will see daylight soon .. This list is actually not long .!! Just took account it's like just 9 unfinished projects !! Not bad at all ..cos I was running in two digits long back & 9 is an auspicious number so .😁good luck on that .. 

A few of my art quilts 
Some more quilts ..
Few bags I made ..
A few sarees & pavadais ..

A tiny quilt & tiny elli ..
Sure could have done more if I don't procrastinate or analysis a bit too much before a project !! 
I have jotted all I would like to do the coming year & will do that & more .. 😊
Signing of for 2014 & bringing in a bright , cheerful , creative & brilliant 2015 🎊🎉✨😘

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  1. Everything is lovely but my favorite is the Tiny Ellie :-) Cute