Wednesday, May 13, 2015

One quarter done Three quarters more ..

Where did the quarter go !! Time flies .. Welล‚ I still have three more so let's catch up ..
  I write and that's about it fancy words or eloquent bullshit ..but most times I don't write .. 
This year begun like all New Years !! Duh Moment .. Took part in a quilt competition which I actually won the third place .. Surprise of the year . That will be another post on how I made that quilt ..
This is my first tutorial any goof ups .. Cut me some slack .๐Ÿ˜Š
It all started with a quick trip to chennai for a workshop where I met some lovely ladies & when one such woman who impressed  the hell out of me with her  attitude & asked me to make a fabric bowl I readily jumped ..a few days of self doubt and all the shenanigans . I did what I do best .. Wing it my way & voila my yellow leaf bowl is ready for show .. Thank you Anasuya for asking me ..if you hadn't this post would have not been up , more than that thanks for the joy of teaching someone who wants to learn ..

And here is the method I used .. No hard and fast rules ..enjoy the process ..come up with new ideas & have fun . If you need help send me a note will get back ..

Fabric Leaf bowl 

Materials :
Your choice of fabric ,I used a brocade cotton ,  collar canvas ,in a fancier term interfacing ( iron on ) not too fond of buckram  too much of starch powder gunking my machine , wadding , 150 gsm will be a better option .i used synthetic batting .

Cut two pieces of fabric in the size you want .. you can also use a different fabric for the back ,I chose to use the same , draw a line  in the middle as it will be easier to draw one side of the leaf & fold length wise & cut .. I drew a rough figure of an unknown leaf !! 

Once you fold in half & cut you will have two identical shapes this 

.. Take your leaf ,draw an outline on the iron on interfacing , cut & iron it on both the fabrics because we need the stiffness ,. Also cut out the leaf shape from your wadding . I used two layers of 100 gsm wadding .
With tailors chalk or erasable pens draw notches on the leaf as marked 
Interfacing & wadding all set 
Clip and mark notches .. I prefer binding clips than pins for this . I found using pins made the layers shift a lot it's annoying ..clips hold it with a death grip .
Change your presser feet , needle , feed dogs etc according to your sewing machine ,. Have to show off I didn't need to I use a Bernina ๐Ÿ˜
Sew along the edges & also the notches because it's easier when we cut the notches or again we will have all the layers shifting .

Now cut away like this .

If you notice ice the sharp pointed leaf has a rounded edge , changed it . ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜

Now to join the notches using zigzag stitch . Set your machine on the slowest speed & sew . Make sure you catch the back of the fabric too . Try holding both the sides of the notch like a V while sewing . I do suggest if you are new to sewing a notch together this way , make a rough square patch and cut a V Shape and sew . 
While sewing the bottom of the leaf ,use the notch piece as a stem if you want . Or you can make one the same way you made the leaf .fabric , interfacing & wadding ..

Once it's stitched up . Trim all the edges & do a tight zigzag all around . If you are making a circular leaf like for a lotus you can use a binding .. 
I didn't find it stiff so I quilted on the whole leaf , you can see the erasable pen marks ..
It still looked unfinished so I stitched some veins too .. 

Have fun experimenting ✨

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  1. Hello :-)
    I saw your interview on Hindu and came to your blog.
    Loved your works.
    The pics in this post are not visible.Can you pls chk.
    Eager to see the leaf bowl..